We have a large variety of 35mm cameras and accessories available.  Come in. Check out our variety of lenses and filters.  We also have tripods and studio supplies.

Photo Tips

  1. Read your instruction manual to familiarize yourself with your cameras features and settings.
  2. Use the hand/neck strap that is included with your camera to prevent it from dropping. This will also ensure that the strap will stay out of your shots.
  3. Set your camera on the maximum resolution. You can always lower the resolution on your computer later, but you can never raise the resolution once it is taken.
  4. While you are learning, set your camera on AUTO mode. This automates most settings such as shutter speed and whether a flash is used, allowing you to focus only on taking pictures.
  5. To prevent blurry pictures, hold your camera with both hands and keep your elbows close to your sides. In low light situations using a tripod will help make your images much sharper.
  6. Don’t run out of power! Keep extra batteries or bring your a/c adapter if you are traveling.
  7. Hold your camera at the subject’s eye level to capture the power of those magnetic glazes and mesmerizing smiles.
  8. For kids and pets that means getting down on their level to take the picture.
  9. Before taking a picture, check the area behind your subject.
    Lookout for trees or poles sprouting from your subject’s head. A cluttered background will be distracting while a plain background will emphasize your subject.
  10. Even outdoors, use the fill flash setting on the camera to improve your pictures.
  11. Use it in bright sunlight to lighten dark shadows under the eyes and nose, especially when the sun is directly overhead or behind your subject.
  12. Use it on cloudy days to brighten up faces and make them stand our from the background.
  13. Avoid taking pictures directly into the sun.
  14. To create dynamic pictures, move a few steps closer or use the zoom until the subject fills the viewfinder. For small objects use the camera’s Macro or “flower” setting.
  15. Take some vertical pictures,turn your camera .
  16. To lock the focus..  center the subject, press the shutter half way down. While still holding the shutter halfway, reframe your photo and then take the picture.
  17. Move your subject off center.  Imagine a tic-tac-toe grid and place your subject on one of the intersecting lines.
  18. Take LOTS of pictures! You aren’t wasting any film, and you can always delete images you don’t like.